Why Our Products ?

 Economic, Modern, Soft, Comfortable, Permanent Fragrance, Complete Hygiene, Different

Practical Cartridge Insertion
The 320ml cartridge is mounted in the inner chamber by snapping. Other products are mounted with a screw system. In this way, the cartridge does not fit properly and makes you bother.
When the foaming pump mounted in the inner chamber is screwed fully, the tip of the pump remains straight perpendicular to the ground. When full screwing is done in other products, the tip of the pump is left at an angle of 30 degrees. In order to fix this situation, the screwing is not done completely and the foam liquid starts to leak from the loose part.
Complete Hygiene
Liquid passing through the inner chamber of the Our wall dispenser does not accumulate in this part. The inserted cartridge is used up to the last drop. In other products, liquid accumulates in this part, in this case it is no different from the products used by filling. Therefore, it does not comply with the complete hygiene rule.
You can also test the density of the foam.
Easy to Clean
By removing the inner chamber of our wall dispenser, it can be routinely cleaned under the water.
Ergonomic Dispenser
The front cover of the wall dispenser opens and closes very easily and the cover does not come off during use. In addition, it provides ease of use in narrow areas due to its small size.
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